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Service Introduction at Luxury Nails (Bee Cave, TX): Solar Nails

In order to give customers the best services possible, we at Luxury Nails always update our service and use new technology that many other places don’t bother to do.  Solar nails is one of the hottest nails trend and it is already available at Luxury Nail. In summary, some of the main benefits of solar nails are:  

_ It doesn’t damage your nail like extensions. Solar nail is basically another layer embedded onto your natural nail.  Therefore, it does not damage your natural nail even after wearing it for a long period of time.

_ Unlike acrylic nails which you have to replace after couple of weeks, solar nails does not need to be replaced.  All you need to do is refill the nails every three weeks.

_ Solar nails are not affected by UV light.  So you can go out and enjoy the sun all you want without worry about damaging your artificial nails.

_ Strong and tough.

Above are just a few benefits of solar nails which will be done by our top manicures.  Please call us at (512) 263-5455 or visit our website for more details and booking.

(512) 263-5455