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Pedicure Services at Luxury Nails (Bee Cave, TX)


Imagine yourself in a tight suite from head to toe all day under the hot sun.  Isn’t it uncomfortable and you just want to take it off as soon as you can? That is what our feet feel like everyday.  Let us at Luxury Nails give your feet the right treatment that they deserved for doing such a good job. Let you feet take a bath in our aromatic foot soak, with different natural ingredients so they can smell great,  healthy, looking good without wrinkles. Give them a massage so your feet can be relaxed, improve blood flow and be ready to serve you the next day. Our professional staff with many years of experience will for sure be able to satisfy you and your feet.  For more information and booking, please call us at (512) 263-5455 or visit our website.

(512) 263-5455